Credit Services Incorporated
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Hancock, Michigan 49930
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Credit Services Incorporated
PO Box 577
Iron Mountain, Michigan 49801


CSI - Imaging
Our company made an investment in imaging software through Roydan Enterprises, Ltd. This software has increased collection results for all of our clients. Our staff no longer has to look in file cabinets for statements to overcome debtor's objections. The account representatives have access to account listings, itemized statements, and debtor correspondence right at their desks and can print them out with a touch of a button. Our Check Recovery clients really like our imaging software because it gives them an image of each check when we acknowledge the check. We have the capability to print a copy of the check on the notice to the debtor, which eliminates debtor stalls.

Predictive Dialer
The most productive technology in our office is the Predictive Dialer. This eliminates no answers and busy signals freeing our account representatives to speak to live phone contacts. The Predictive Dialer allows our collectors to increase the contact rate to debtors by 70% and gives our company the opportunity to increase our recovery rate for all our clients.

CSI - Data Processing Services
Our agency purchased our first computer in 1976. Credit Services Incorporated partnered with Roydan Enterprises, Ltd. We operate Bloodhound software that Roydan Enterprises, Ltd. has developed. The office locations are linked with a high-speed cable connection. This allows our agencies to share data and work accounts from any location. Another advantage of our cable connection is all of our employees have access to the internet with a click of their mouse for skip tracing.