Credit Services Incorporated
304 Quincy Street
Hancock, Michigan 49930
Toll Free: 800.522.5346

Credit Services Incorporated
PO Box 577
Iron Mountain, Michigan 49801


Pre-Collection Service
Prior to accounts being placed for collection, CSI will send 2 letters to your customers asking them to make payments on the account. The letters will ask your customers to send payments directly to CSI. Our experience shows this to be a very cost-effective service, rather than having the payments sent to you then having to report them to us.

This service is designed to be flexible in the number and text of the letters sent. The standard series consists of 2 letters. If there is no response within the set time period, which is usually 2 letters within 30 days, the accounts will be transferred over to our collection department at the regular collection rate.

Final Demand
This program is for customers you want to give a "last chance" to pay. Our company will provide you with three part form which you would fill out and send to CSI to be held for a ten-day period. This form gives the debtor five days to pay your account or it will come to our office for collection. Any payments that are received in a 10-day period are at NO CHARGE. After a 10-day period our office automatically enters the account for collection at our regular rates.